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Exterior Building Maintenance

From power washing graffiti with proper detergent to applying heavy duty coating, we can restore a building’s façade to make it remarkable again.  We pride ourselves on taking proper precautions when maintaining an existing building, whether it is from age or unnatural wear and tear. 

Depending on the severity of the buildings need, we use low pressure water and the proper masonry cleaner to get rid of unwanted debris, remove and replace any failing building joints, and finish by installing water repellent to the masonry surface.  Your building will once again shine and provide an aesthetic finish to welcome your customers and clientele.

When it comes to exterior building maintenance, DH RESTORTATION, INC. takes pride in making a difference to your building.  We want your building to not only look like new again, but be structurally sound and water tight so that you can keep your investment in like new condition.