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Joint Sealants

DH RESTORATION, INC installs new joint sealants as well and removes and replaces existing joint sealants on the interior and exterior of all types of buildings including schools, hospitals, office buildings, and retail buildings.   We also install joint sealants at control and expansion joints in concrete pavement and sidewalks.


Whether using a single component or multi-component sealant material, joint sealants are vital to keeping a weather-resistant and weather tight seal on any building. Joint sealants provide a durable and flexible bond that allows normal building movement without compromising water intrusion.


Joint sealants come in a variety of colors to match the color of adjacent material.  We install joint sealants between all kinds of substrates including precast panels, EIFS, brick, block, windows, doors, aluminum, masonry, and concrete. We also install foam and aluminum expansion joint systems. Our sealant installers are certified by our product manufacturers.


DH RESTORATION, INC. has built our business on the quality installation of joint sealants. From projects of only a few feet to projects of over 200,000 feet of joint sealant, we have done them all. We ensure through preconstruction adhesion testing and through manufacturer-provided adhesion pull testing during the installation that you will achieve an optimal lifespan of your installed sealant.