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Over time, the masonry façades of a building can be broken down by the forces of nature.  Mortar and masonry units crack and break due to excessive movement.  By removing deteriorated mortar from between masonry units and repairing and/or replacing broken masonry units, we can help your building façade become structurally sound once again.  We take special care when removing the deteriorated mortar and tuckpoint back with new mortar to restore the buildings original beauty.  Although at times it may be difficult, we take a special pride in matching the existing color and mortar type when completing repairs. 


We have options to access any size building via swing stages, traditional scaffolding, platform scaffolding, or boom lifts.  We will find the safest and most productive way to access the repairs.  From one story to over 20 stories in building height, we have options for accessing the repairs.   All access equipment will be safely and properly installed and used in accordance with OSHA regulations.


DH RESTORATION, INC. is not the largest tuckpointing company in Kansas City. If we wanted to be the biggest, we would have to compromise on quality and that is just not the way we want to do business.   Tuckpointing of a building should not be something that has to occur over and over. If tuckpointing is done right, then you should experience many years of maintenance free building use. If that is the job you are looking for on your masonry building, then give DH RESTORATION, INC. a call.