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Deck Coatings

Concrete is an expensive component to a building.   We apply deck coatings to elevated concrete structures on pedestrian and traffic bearing surfaces, including parking decks, balconies, green roofs and mechanical room floors.    

All deck coating projects begin with the proper preparation of substrates by patching deteriorated concrete, shot blasting and/or sandblasting surfaces to the proper profile.  Pedestrian deck coatings utilize a primer coat on the concrete, a waterproof base coat that protects the concrete and a top coat (wear coat) that helps protect the concrete.  Vehicular deck coatings utilize an additional mid coat to help withstand the stresses that vehicles can cause on the coating.

We can install liquid-applied deck coatings to form a tough, weather-resistant coating that will protect your concrete from the wear and tear of traffic and the harsh winter temperature and chemicals.   Our deck coating installations provide a durable, long lasting surface for years to come.

DH RESTORATION, INC. does not cut corners on deck coating installations.   We will work with the manufacturer to ensure the best product is being installed on your project.   We will ensure through proper preparation of the concrete and installing all components of the deck coating system per the manufacturer’s recommendation that the coating will provide quality protection of your concrete.