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Installation of sheet membrane waterproofing or fluid-applied waterproofing provides a durable waterproofing barrier on structural foundation walls, elevator pits and most backfilled applications. 

Fluid-applied waterproofing benefits include quick application after concrete forms are removed as well as fast tracking the construction process when weather delays are imminent.

Sheet membrane waterproofing systems are used with a multi-composite drainage mat that allows water to pass through while keeping the soil out.  A protection board installed over the drainage mat protects the waterproofing system from backfill and other trades.

Most foundation leaks occur due to improperly installed waterproofing systems.  Why take chances on unexperienced companies and untrained applicators installing your waterproofing systems?  With over two decades in the waterproofing industry you can count on DH RESTORATION, INC. to complete your waterproofing project.